Cardiovascular Fitness

Lower Your Body Fat

Cardiovascular fitness is designed to work your heart to reduce it’s stress on your body by lowering the beats per minute (BPM). It is also a great way to lower your body fat to improve your overall shape. The lower the body fat the more shape your body will have. Fat has no shape and does not weigh much, it just takes up a lot of space. This is the main reason why you may not lose a large amount of weight but your clothes will begin to get loose yet the scale has not really changed.

Try not to get into a huge relationship with the scale versus looking in the mirror and paying attention to how your clothes fit. If you are in a resistance training program the scale could actually increase due to muscle gain which is everyone’s goal, male or female.

Cardiovascular fitness is also another tool that helps to improve your metabolic rate. It also improves fat burning throughout the day. The best exercises are those types that you are able to do from 20-40 minutes on a regular basis while cross training them as often as possible to keep your body on its toes.

Cardiovascular fitness