You are what you eat

About 75 percent of a person’s gains or failures are made outside the gym.

The gym is used as a stimulus along with nutrition. You are out of the gym much longer than inside the gym. So if your nutrition is not balanced and an individual does not understand what or when to eat, the gains will be minimum and short term. When a person loses and gains weight it makes it more difficult each time to obtain their particular goals. The body’s metabolism has a difficult time trying to figure what exactly the individual is trying to accomplish if you do not follow a schedule that dictates the body’s needs rather than what the tongue wants.

nutrition is by far the most important factor

Nutrition will make up about 75% of what a person will look and perform at any level. If the nutrition is not correct, the energy needed to do daily tasks will be compromised and only whatever is left will go into your workout. So by week’s end after the daily activities (work, putting clothes on, etc.), without proper nutrition the body will run out of gas before or during your workout.

Nutrition is by far the most important factor in Health and Fitness, no matter if you are the everyday person that would like to look decent in and out of clothes, to the professional athlete.